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Re:[bluetooth-dev] Stable USB-OpenBT System with CSR Casira Developer Board?

Hi andreas.r.vedral@xxxxxxx.

It does not operate, I am also using it with the same composition.
My environment upgraded Red Hat software7.1 (kernel-2.4.2-2) to 
kernel-2.4.13. openbt is using the newest CVS.
Connectin in 'btd' and 'ppp' are O.K. 
Operation of 'ping' is also O.K. However, 'telnet' and 'ftp' do not 

If /var/log/messages is seen,
BT SYS: Warning: crc_check: CRC check failed, data will be discarded
will have occurred. 

It is under investigation now.
It will connect, if there is new information.

katuma Soeta
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