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[bluetooth-dev] RFCOMM data handling


I know that the RFCOMM is a serial emulation protocol, but is it possible to
control when a packet is to be sent?

It seems to me that the data is being sent after every write operation is
finished (or more often if there's a lot of data). I would like to have some
information in the beginning of each packet, so that the receiving side knows
what type of data the packet holds. Sometimes the amount of data is very large,
which means that there will be many packets. I would like each one to have some
information in the beginning.

Is there anyway to be sure that a packet isn't being sent in the middle of a
write operation if I'm limiting the number of bytes? Is the data written sent
after every write operation to the ttyBTx? Any suggestions of other ways of
solving the problem?


Marcus Jonsson
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