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RE: [bluetooth-dev] Multipoint ppp setting without IPA server?

As it says in the comment, either you can use an IP assign server,
or you can use options.ttyBTx files. The later is probably the easiest
(at least for a static test environment). There is no publically available
IPA server, but the interface can be deduced from the code in the
experimental directory, so it is possible to write ones own.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Hirotsugu Okura [mailto:ookura@xxxxxxx.jp]
> Sent: 19 November 2001 09:33
> To: bluetooth-dev@xxxxxxx.com
> Cc: Hirotsugu Okura
> Subject: [bluetooth-dev] Multipoint ppp setting without IPA server?
> Hello,
> I'm using open BT stack to realize multipoint ppp connection 
> over Bluetooth.
> But there is a description like this in 
> apps/bluetooth/experimental/btd.c.
> /* Use /etc/ppp/options file for remote ppp settings.
>        IPA is needed for correct multipoint setting or use a 
>        ppp options file for each ttyBT e.g options.ttyBT0, 
>        options.ttyBT1 which contains the remote IP address, 
>        dns, wins etc*/
> Cannot the multipoint setting without IPA server be realized?
> Does anybody know where can I get IPA server software or how 
> can I realize it?
> Hiro Okura
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