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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Bad XML problems

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for your reply, but I am sorry to say that did not solve my problem, 
I am still getting segmentation fault at my dev board.


 > I have major problems with the OpenBT stack when I am running at the etrax
 > 100 devboard. The problem occurs  when I am creating a sdp connection and
 > asking the OpenBT stack for services. The same situation but with a PC
 > running the OpenBT stack works just fine. I have the same version of the
 > OpenBT stack on the devboard as on the PC but the sdp server segmentation
 > faults when processing the sdp request.

Hi Peter- I had almost exactly the same problem; sdp_server on a devboard
was seg faulting in one of the utf16->utf8 conversion functions. Try editing
the Makefile for xmltok.c (libs/expat/xmltok/Makefile). Change the CFLAGS
line to:
     CFLAGS    += -Wall -O0

I can't explain why this works, but it's been the only way I've found to
keep sdp_server from crashing on every incoming service discovery...
     hope this helps,

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