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[bluetooth-dev] Do BT problems on devboard_lx persist with cris-dist-1.15?


I was alerted by one of my colleagues to problems you have
experienced with OpenBT code compiled for the Axis devboard_lx

In <URL:http://mhonarc.axis.se/bluetooth-dev/msg03089.html> (a
continuation of
<URL:http://mhonarc.axis.se/bluetooth-dev/msg03085.html>) there
seems to be a reference to
<URL:http://mhonarc.axis.se/bluetooth-dev/msg01814.html> which
indicates that the problem might be due to a miscompilation of

A problem with miscompilation of xmltok.c was solved with the
compiler tools in cris-dist-1.14.  The current release is
cris-dist-1.15, as announced on dev-etrax@axis and

For an upcoming release, I'd like to make sure this problem is
solved, and that no compiler-related problems exist for the
OpenBT stack when targeting any Etrax 100 LX-based platform.

What compiler tools version are you using?
Do problems remain with the cris-dist-1.15 release?

(Don't forget to "make clean" after an upgrade, or you'd just be
linking the old miscompiled object file.)

brgds, H-P
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