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[bluetooth-dev] L2CAP connect problem

Hi all!

I got the following strange behaviour from the AXIS stack.

Assume the following scenario:

When I try to connect to a device I receive a CONNECTION PENDING in the 
l2cap_connection_rsp the first time with the status parameter 2, 
Authourization pending. At this point L2CAP Starting ERTX timer (60 sec).

The next l2cap_connection_rsp I receive is a CONNECTION SUCCESSFULL.

After this I successfully manage to establish an RFCOMM CONNECTION and data 
can be sent.

But after 60 sec the L2CAP l2cap_ertx_timeout happens and issues a L2CAP 
Disconnect connection l2ca_disconnect_req.
My soloution to this problem would be to disable the ERTX timer upon the 
receiption of an CONNECTION SUCCESSFULL in l2cap_connection_rsp the same 
whay as the L2CAP Disabling RTX timer is done. But is this the connect way 
to handle this? 		


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