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[bluetooth-dev] Creating ACL packets - PROBLEM!!!

hello all...how is everyone doing?  well i have a question to ask and i 
could really use some help!!!

now i am using kernel version 2.4.7, and i get problems when i send an 
ACL packet over...what i mean is, i get a good connection handle but 
when i try to send an acl packet over that handle it doesn't show on the 
other side...here let me give you an example of what i am doing?

suppose i get a connection handle of 0x0001 back from a 
CREATE_CONNECTION command...which is what i get, so that is good...so 
now i try to send an ACL packet over with that connection handle and the 
  flags with it as well, not forgetting the l2cap hdr part of it either...

so it looks something like this...pkt size of 3

0x02 - acl hdr pkt
0x01 - conn handle
0x20 - conn handle + PB flag (0x01) and BC flag (0x00)
0x07 - size of l2cap hdr + payload
0x03 - size of payload in the l2cap hdr
0x01 - channel id (that we can choose)
0x01 - start of payload
0x03 - end of payload

so does that make sense to everyone!

this seems to be right from my point of view but now it doesn't seem to 
be working...hmmmm...HELP!

thanks a million


Sami Kibria
TRLabs -> Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA
email: skibria@xxxxxxx.ca

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