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RE: RE [bluetooth-dev] re RFComm connection problem under 802.11


It seems like it's the bt_connect timer that timeout. The link however is correctly setup but
there is probably some interference by the 802.11 enviroment which can trash the data over the 
link. As the link should be reliable the lower parts of the stack (baseband etc.) should 
resend the data until it has arrived correctly to the other side. Try to increase you timeouttime
in bluetooth.c, located at the top:

#define BT_CON_TIMEOUT (10*HZ)

Change 10 -> 30 as example and see if it will succeed.

BTW Which BTmodule do you use?

Best Regards 
Anders Johansson

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> Hi..
> disable,but it seem to
> be useless.
> I have turned on debug message and the message is the following .
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