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RE: [bluetooth-dev] L2CAP connect problem

I got a samilar problem:
I successfully connected to a device with openbt stack,After this I successfully manage to establish an RFCOMM 
CONNECTION and data can be sent.and
ppp connection was also successed after that.
But just after 30 sec, openbt stack received a event: " Disconnection Completed, due to Connection timeout"
from the LM (I used Ericson P4D with P3A firmware), then all the connections shutted down.
I am not sure if this problem also caused by the same bug you are disccusing, or some other reasons could cause
this kind of problem? I hope you can give me a idea.
Hi Peter,

It seems like that one is missing :), I'll include the fix in next release. Thanks for your help!

Best Regards
Anders Johansson

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> From: Peter Fredriksson [mailto:peter.fredriksson@xxxxxxx.se]
> Sent: Wednesday, November 21, 2001 10:41 AM
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> Subject: [bluetooth-dev] L2CAP connect problem
> Hi all!
> I got the following strange behaviour from the AXIS stack.
> Assume the following scenario:
> When I try to connect to a device I receive a CONNECTION
> PENDING in the
> l2cap_connection_rsp the first time with the status parameter 2,
> Authourization pending. At this point L2CAP Starting ERTX
> timer (60 sec).
> The next l2cap_connection_rsp I receive is a CONNECTION SUCCESSFULL.
> After this I successfully manage to establish an RFCOMM
> CONNECTION and data
> can be sent.
> But after 60 sec the L2CAP l2cap_ertx_timeout happens and
> issues a L2CAP
> Disconnect connection l2ca_disconnect_req.
> My soloution to this problem would be to disable the ERTX
> timer upon the
> receiption of an CONNECTION SUCCESSFULL in
> l2cap_connection_rsp the same
> whay as the L2CAP Disabling RTX timer is done. But is this
> the connect way
> to handle this?
> Peter