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SV: [bluetooth-dev] receving data on Ipaq

Hi Tim, 

the actual port for the arm architecture has already been done and openbt0.0.8 works fine compiling for arm.
Things that you might have to do by your self is i.e. to implement some parts of SDP that is needed for acting in a client role.

Brgds Olov

-----Ursprungligt meddelande-----
Från: Tim Leung [mailto:s985651@xxxxxxx.hk]
Skickat: den 29 november 2001 12:05
Till: Olov H
Ämne: Re: [bluetooth-dev] receving data on Ipaq

Dear Olva H,

    After I saw your message, I am interested in porting the OpenBT stack
into iPAQ.

    I would like to ask what is the procedures of porting the OpenBT stack
to iPAQ???? What is the OS requirements of iPAQ??

    I am doing a research same as u. Maybe we can dicuss our difficulties

    Thank you for kind attention on my message.



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