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[bluetooth-dev] apparent data loss with rfcomm

I've been using openbt with a USB bluetooth dongle made by TDK.  I've
gotten further with OpenBT than the other stacks, but am having a
problem with data loss and RFCOMM.

I'm running pppd on /dev/ttyBT0, hosting a connection from a Palm Pilot
with a red-M Blade attached.  Where small packets are concerned,
everything looks to be working OK.  For instance, I can ping the Palm
from various places on my network.

The trouble comes when larger amounts of data (say 150 bytes, for
example) are received by the Palm.  They simply just don't seem to get
through the interface.  DNS lookups fall within this bracket, for
instance.  A sniffer reveals that they get to the ppp interface, but
don't seem to travel across the bluetooth bit.

I set up OpenBT as per

Any ideas on how to go about troubleshooting this one?


-- Edd

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