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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Silicon Wave Module

Yep, the module died after receiving HCISET_EVENT_FILTER so I commented
out the call to bt_set_event_filter(...) in bt_vendor.c (in
apps/bluetooth/experimental). Apart from that it worked with the
CONFIG_BLUETOOTH_GENERIC setting. Never got multipoint to work though.
After the first slave connected, the module stopped accepting
connections from other slaves, just as if a master/slave switch never
had occurred.


"Patrick O. Murphy" wrote:
> Do you remember having to make any changes to the stack to get it working
> with the Silicon Wave modules? We just got a few of the modules this
> afternoon, but the stack cann't seem to initialize when using them; it
> just times out after:
>   Jan  1 00:02:59BT (driver) __bt_ioctl: HCISET_EVENT_FILTER
>    axisdev bti: Setting event filter [0x2 0x0 0x1]
>    cmd_timeout: Timeout when waiting for command response
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