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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Interface to ETRAX-100LX

It might help you to know that we're in the process of releasing a
Bluetooth variant of our developer board with ETRAX-100LX, the ALPS
Bluetooth module (CSR chipset), 4MB flash and 16 MB RAM. The software is
Linux 2.4 + OpenBT + the other stuff that comes with the dev-board. So
with this board, we have done all the work for you ;-)


Vilas Uchil wrote:
> Hello everyone
> I am in the process of interfacing the bluetooth chip with axis ETRAX-100LX.
> I followed the procedures for porting a large application into the axis
> board and was successful in flashing the kernel of ETRAX-100LX with the axis
> OpenBT stack.
> I am still a beginner in the OpenBT and would like to know how do I proceed
> with the interface after that. Should I straight away connect the BT module
> to the serial port or is there any other procedure for me to follow for the
> actual hardware interface.
> Can someone out there provide me with some reference as to how to begin with
> the actual hardware interface.
> Cheers
> Vilas Uchil
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