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[bluetooth-dev] encryptions problem ?


again, in general everything works fine :-)

But when I try to connect to my OpenBT device through the DUP profile 
from my IBM PCMCIA card (BT spec 1.1) connecting fails. Connecting to a 
serial port works fine, also SDP and so on is fine.

I gave a glance to the log files and noticed an ENCRYPTION CHANGE EVENT 
on my OpenBT device. This is the last that happens before the client 
throws the "connection failed" message.

I have a simple security manager and the ..._USE_SECURITY_MANAGER define 
ist defined. My current sec_man implementation does not do anything when 
receiving a sec_man_event with the ENCRYPTION_CHANGE event.

Does it have something to do ?

As I understood, when a device receives the above evenet, encryption is 
correctly setup and therefore I do not have to do anything upon 
receiving this event, am I right ?

Is there a simple way to tell the client side, that I do not want any 
encryption ? I did not find anything in the spec about this.

By the way, I can rember that DUP was working fine again the IBM card 
some time ago. I am not really sure if it is a problem with my Ericsson 
modules. I changed from the ROK101008 to ROK101007.

Any hints ?

By the way: There's a little "cut-copy-paste-typo" in hci.c:

     if(r_val[0]) {
            result_param = -r_val[0];



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