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RE: [bluetooth-dev] Point-to-MultiPoint with Ericsson HW


I have a question on a temporary scatternet mode mentioned in the list

I wonder if it is possible for the multi-point-capable server side chip to
discover the remote chip's features before switching the role.

I believe the originator of the connection is a master unless the
recepient supplies the 0x00 value to the Role parameter of the Accept
Connection Request command (see p.574 of Bluetooth Spec 1.1).

There is also the Switch Role command.

Some devices don't support role switch.  Their capabilities can be found
through Read Remote Supported Features and Read Local Supported Features

I understand that the role switch is necessary to serve multiple

I was trying to investigate if a multipoint server side device can
discover the capabilities of the client without switching the roles.
However, my test failed with the error code 0x0E (host rejected due to
security reasons).

The connection negotiation has completed before I sent the remote features
inquiry.  Authentication commands with regard to PIN codes and link keys
have been served.  I wonder what could prevent me from getting the remote
features at that time.


On Wed, 5 Dec 2001, Peter Kjellerstedt wrote:

> Does the switch immediately. Otherewise a scatter net is
> created temporarily. This is required for CSR modules, but
> I think the Ericsson module can do without it.

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