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[bluetooth-dev] USB data loss and question about bluetooth.c

Hi all,

Data loss occurs
when I execute ping from PC1 to PC2 in the system like this.

  PC1: Linux RH 7.1 kernel 2.4.14 + bluetooth.c v0.12 + EricsonBTSK with USB+openBTstack 0.0.8
  PC2: Windows Me + PCICIA Bluetooth card (Fujitsu)
  These are sonnected each other with ppp over Bluetooth connection.

Changing datagram size of ping with -s option, if over 80-100, data loss often occures .
If I use UART, it doesn't happen.

In bluetooth.c v0.12 line 530, data are sent with the function usb_submit_urb().
Does bluetooth.c see the return from the endpoint if this function is used when bulk transmission?

Hiro Okura

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