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[bluetooth-dev] seq out-of-order problem

Hi all,

I have a problem with my etrax 100LX based embedded system:

It serves as an LAN access point and everything works pretty good now. I 
have no problems when the IP stream is sent from the board to the client. I 
have transfered > 100 MB and it works really well. The problem occurs when 
the data is sent from the client to my system. After ~500 kB I get "seq 
out-of-order[exp:6, got[0], send ack" all the time and the link stops 
transferring IP packets.

My system is the following:
Latest cris-compiler
Latest CVS version of the OpenBT stack
CSR based Bluetooth module with BCSP at 921600 kB/s (the problem is present 
at 460800 to)

One thing I have noticed is that the datarate is higher when the data is 
sent from the client to the Etrax100LX based board.

Anyone knows anything that can cause this problem?

Peter Fredriksson

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