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RE: [bluetooth-dev] USB data loss and question about bluetooth.c

On Wed, 2001-12-12 at 07:09, Peter Kjellerstedt wrote:
> FYI, I can tell you that we have seen the same with CSR hardware, 
> so I do not think the hardware is at fault here. It is either the
> OpenBT stack itself, the USB Bluetooth driver, the USB core or 
> the USB driver (uhci or whatever). We use our own USB driver for
> the ETRAX hardware, so I do not think it is that part of the
> code since the result is the same with a standard PC.
> The limit seems to be ~128 bytes. One thing I have noticed though
> is that it seems that larger packets get through, but are never
> responded to (at least the receive counter in Windows increase
> when I send larger packets, but the send counter does not). Has
> anyone tested this with something else than a Windows client?

Using ping I notice that it works fine for packet size of 114 bytes, but
breaks at 115 bytes.

I'd love to help debug this but I'm stuck for where to start...

-- Edd.

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