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[bluetooth-dev] multi connections

Hello! all,
I am using a slightly adjusted OpenBT stack to do a wireless control project. I use one BT as master and it works well with connecting with another BT. But when I try to further connect the master to a second slave BT (through another "line"), I receive an error message indicating "Max Number of Connections".
I checked the HCI data and found that when I attempted to connect the mater to a second slave, it received an command_status event telling that maximum number of connections has been reached.
The HCI data received is 0x04 0f 04 00 01 05 04 04 03 0b 09 00 0f 46 ae 13 37 80 00 01 00. Which is a command_status message. But I don't know why the CONNECTION_COMPLETE (0x03) message is together received when only the first BT (0x46 ae 13 37 80 00)device is connected. Due to the error Max Number of Connections(0x09), there seems to be no way that I can request connect from the master to a second slave.
Then I can only assume that a master cannot act as the initiator TWICE. The master only wait for other BT to request connections. I can only assume this because the problem comes instantly from the HCI layer, it has nothing to do with L2CAP,SDP or RFCOMM layer. It seems to be specified by the BT specifications. Am I right in this assumption?
Thanks in advance for helping me with the problem.
Best regards,
Wang Kangning