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[bluetooth-dev] pppd on openbt 0_0_8?!

Hello everybody!

unfortunately I'm trying now about hours to get a ppp protocol onto a

I'm running on a axis devboard lx (releas 210, kernel 2.4.14, pppd 2.4 on
the board) and SuSE 7.2 (kernel 2.4.4)

The stack (0_0_8) works fine on both sides (btd, bti, btinq & btcon work)

But, when I try to get a ppp link, I dont't have any access to the device
/dev/ttyBT0 and the ppp dies and retry to access the same port without any

I did the following:
btd -u /dev/ttyS0 -s 57600 -m -e 0 -r server on the axis card
btd -u /dev/ttyS1 -s 57600 -m -e 0 -r client on my Linuxbox
----- then on client side (Linuxbox)
inq 1 5
rf_conn xx:yy:zz:bb:qq:ss 1 3
---- serverside (axis card)

now see the repeating result of /var/log/messages ....

------------------ cut
Jan  1 00:12:52 Axis btd: start pppd...
Jan  1 00:12:52 Axis btd: Starting ppp server on /dev/ttyBT0
Jan  1 00:12:52 Axis btd: Spawned pppd[138] in the background
Jan  1 00:12:52 Axis pppd[136]: pppd 2.4.1 started by root, uid 0
Jan  1 00:12:53 Axis pppd[132]: Exit.
Jan  1 00:12:53 Axis pppd[136]: Failed to reopen /dev/ttyBT0: Device or
resource busy
Jan  1 00:12:53 Axis btd: ppp child died, now restart!
Jan  1 00:12:53 Axis btd: Opening socket /tmp/ipa_server
Jan  1 00:12:53 Axis btd: open_socket /tmp/ipa_server failed
Jan  1 00:12:53 Axis btd: Could not find IP Assign server
Jan  1 00:12:53 Axis btd: build_pppdopt
Jan  1 00:12:53 Axis btd: close_device
----------------------- cut, the same restarts ... ;-((

Please, help! But tell nothing about userstack, doesn't work on axis card, I
heard ....

best regards

Adrian von Muehlenen

Student microengineering departement Swiss polytechnic university Lausanne

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