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[bluetooth-dev] Anycom CF2000 against OpenBT


did anybody get the Anycom CF2000 working against OpenBT ?

Here is what I figured out:

1) SSP connections (RFCOMM) are working fine.

2) SDP makes problems. It only works after a huge amount of manual retries.
  If SDP fails, I cannot see any messages from OpenBT's SDP layer in the log.

But the guys from Anycom made it possible to set up connections without SDP. It is possible to enter
RFCOMM server channel numbers by hand :-)

I do not know who causes the SDP problem. Perhaps there's still something wrong with OpenBTs SDP ? I still have problems
with SDP between the 3COM Bluetooth PC card (on Windows notebook) and OpenBT on a Linux box.
This might indicate that there's a OpenBT SDP problem.

Well, it might also be an endianess issue. My OpenBT system is a big endian system.

Does anybody have the same problems ?



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