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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Pairing with Ericsson T68 phone

Hi Matthias,

> it seems that we are having the same problem (your 2nd problem)!
> First, did you solve your problem ?

Yes I did.  The problem was that the ROK 008 chip I had just wasn't
compatible with the T68 (with R1C firmware).  After I received a new ROK 007
(firmware dated on November 2001), both problems disappeared.

> I am doing the same. The pin code stuff works fine. And when my
> sec manager gets a LINK_KEY_NOTIFICATION, I store it and that's it.

In my case, what happened was that after the T68 sent the
LINK_KEY_NOTIFICATION event, the bluetooth chip was stuck, it didn't respond
to any HCI commands before you resetted the chip.

> My log seems to be nearly the same as yours.
> I tried to setup a connection between a ROK007 and a IBM PC card.

Check the date of the firmware you have in the ROK007, I believe that is the

> Can you turn of pairing in your T68 ? If I turn of pairing
> (bondable mode), my connection setup gets stuck
> after en ENCRYPTION CHANGE event. I think we have to send a
> magic command to the ROK xxx. Any idea ?

You need to keep the bluetooth mode activated on the T68 when you want it to
be ready to receive connections.

Hope this helps,

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