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[bluetooth-dev] SDP ioctl for client


1st question :

I just want to make a SDP request to a remote host. For that, I think I don't need the SDP server. I just want to send my request through the "BT_SDP_REQUEST" ioctl.

But I don't understand exactly how I have to fill the record :

typedef struct bt_sdp_request
	u32 conID;
	u8 sdpCommand;
	u8 pduPayload[256];
	int pduLength;
	u8 requestResponse[256];
	int responseLength;
} bt_sdp_request;

Does someone has an example how to call this ioctl from userland ?

2nd question :

Does the Ecrisson T39m have a SDP implemented ? Will it respond to a SDP request ?

Thank you for any information.

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