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[bluetooth-dev] Re : Obex with openBT

tall boy wrote :
> HI !!!
> I was   involved in printing profile(hardcopy cable
> replacement profile),but i found it requires
> OBEX(object exchange protocol layer)so now i I would
> like to integrate freeware OBEX(object exchange
> protocol with openBT( above RFCOMM layer).Can anyone
> tell me is openBT designed in such a way.....that any
> other protocol layers on it can be easily
> integrated.... 
> any inputs for me......and one more thing has anybody
> developed a reference implementation for printing
> profile....it will be very helpful for me if it is
> there......
> Thanks and regards,

	There is already a comprehensive GPL Obex package available
called OpenObex :

	OpenObex was mostly designed on top of a socket interface
(either TCP sockets or IrDA sockets), but it has an architecture
accomodating multiple transports and transport APIs. It can also
accomodate custom transports.
	So, adding a serial (tty) transport to make OpenObex work on
top of OpenBT should not be too hard.
	Furthermore, there is already an OpenObex sample application
(obex_test_cable.c) that show how to use the custom transport feature
to communicate over a serial cable (tty + AT commands).
	It looks to me that all the pieces are there and it's just the
case of putting them together...

	Have fun...

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