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[bluetooth-dev] What's the difference - running stack on PC versus on ARM???

Hi All,

I have compiled the 0.0.8 stack for both PC and for ARM and have
attempted to create a PPP session from laptop with IBM (Digianswer) card
to each of these instances. I have Casiras connected to both  the PC and 
to the
ARM system (Assabet)

When I run the stack on the PC, using
 >./btdm -u /dev/ttyS3 --local-name OpenBT3 -m 0 -s 115200 &

and then do device discovery from the laptop, the PC
AXIS device (ie Casira) is found OK. From the laptop, I can then assign the
Dial Up Networking service to the AXIS device. Back on the PC, I can see
from the log that pppd is automatically started on ttyBT0.
I can then use Dial UP Networking from the laptop to create the PPP 

However, when I do the same with the Axis stack running on the Assabet, 
from the
laptop I can discover the device OK, but can not assign any services to it.

The code is the same on both PC and Assabet, and both systems are 
attached to
Casiras. So why do they behave differently?

Most importantly, how do I resolve this problem on the ARM (Assabet) 
system ?



Tim Lindquist 

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