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[bluetooth-dev] I meet problem in Linux 2.2.13 when using openBT

I run openBT on my Slackware Linux,kernel 2.2.13,after I "insmod bt.o",it 
seemed no error.
Then I run "btdm" and use another PC as client,running Widcomm software to 
find a service.
But I find no services on the Linux openBT server.I see the logs and it's 
very little.
Also I saw /proc/bt_internal and  bt_status,it seemed had no errors.
It found my ericsson bluetooth chip.
Below is the log.Can anyone tell me why I cannot find services?
Does openBT support Linux Kernel 2.2.13?
log  in /var/log/messages:
Jan 13 00:41:55 flora btdm: Registered bluetooth line discipline on
Jan 13 00:41:55 flora btdm: Init stack
Jan 13 00:41:55 flora btdm: bt_set_classofdevice : srv class 0x10, maj
class 0x3, min class 0x0, format 0x0
Jan 13 00:41:55 flora btdm: bt_set_local_name: AXIS (flora.(none))
Jan 13 00:41:55 flora btdm: Setting write_scan_enable: 0x3
Jan 13 00:41:56 flora btdm: Setting event filter [0x2 0x0 0x1]
Jan 13 00:41:58 flora btdm: bt_set_baudrate: 115200 baud

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