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[bluetooth-dev] On how to access the stack via USB

hey guys,

   I have browsed all the mails in the mailing list, but I still cannot find the answer. Could anyone help me out on how to initialize the axis stack (bti)?

   The Hardware Bluetooth Stack that I used is Ericsson. I am using Kernel v2.4.14. I have followed the steps from linux-usb.com to set up Kernel module on USB.
I used the following command to initiaize the axis stack:

[root@xxxxxxx./bti --reset --physdev /dev/ttyUSB0
Could not open proc file: No such file or directory
Could not open phys dev: No such device
Shutting down Bluetooth stack

Could anyone tell me how to set up USB so that I can access the axis stacks?

Thanks a lot.

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