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[bluetooth-dev] No timeout when using SDP connection ?


I don't know if someone uses the ioctls to make an sdp connection as client. I try them, but I've some problems :

Before to use the ioctl "BT_SDP_REQUEST", I have to initiate a SDP connection with "BTCONNECT" ioctl (the fact that it is an SDP connection and not a data connection depent of the argument of the ioctl command). When the remote module is in discoverable mode, there is no problem : I get an answer, and the ioctl return a good value.
But when the remote module is off or simply not discoverable, openBT go sleep, but is never waked up. I've to reboot the computer to use this driver again...

With a normal connection, this is the hardware which send an HCI event to say for example "page timeout". Why is there no event when I make a SDP connection ?

Doest someone know if the hardware should send something to the HCI host ? If yes, does openBT implement this event ?

If someone has some information about that, I'll be very gracefull.

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