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[bluetooth-dev] __bug_unaligned_x / 008 OPENBT ARM CROSS COMPILATION ==> IS THERE A BUG ???

Hello , About 008 OPENBT ARM CROSS COMPILATION, I posted a  message to 
arm-linux-mailing lists describing my problem and Russell King was very kind 
to answer me . He suggested to report a bug concerning the portability of 
axis openbt code . Here are the messages we exchanged . 

Thank you to take it into account . IF anyone has succeeded to cross compile 
the stack for an arm , can he shared the information with everybody. Thanks 
to all


On Thu, Jan 17, 2002 at 11:24:05AM +0100, Dan ABITBOL wrote:
> Compiling openbt for my native linux , using kernel source headers , worked 
> very well , as written in AXIS README FILE . So I thought  it was the same 
> with my arm and I used the headers in /usr/arm/arm-linux/sys-include  . 
>  What could I do to cross compile it  successfully then ?

Russell King

x86 doesn't have any alignment issues, so the code in asm-i386/unaligned.h
is portable.  ARM has alignment issues, and the code isn't designed to be
portable to user space.

The one fundamental issue here is that user space must not include kernel
headers.  It appears that openbt is, and as such is unportable.  This
should be reported to axis as a bug.
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