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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Problems on connecting axis stack on USB

It looks to me like you have compiled the stack with
CONFIG_BLUETOOTH_ERICSSON=y, which should be used if you have an
Ericsson UART module. For USB you should use


TSANG Yui Ming wrote:
> Hi guys,
>   When I typed btd --physdev /dev/ttyUB0, the device get stunk at
> setting the baudrate, just as the following:
> write_scan_enable in Ericsson module!
> Setting event filter in Ericsson module!
> Setting baudrate in Ericsson module!
>   Then,I checked the var/log/messages
> Jan 17 17:34:50 dmc360 kernel: BT (driver) bt_open: Line 0
> Jan 17 17:34:50 dmc360 kernel: BT (driver) Registering tty on line 0 (btd)
> Jan 17 17:34:50 dmc360 kernel: BT (driver) bt_flush_buffer: Ignored
> Jan 17 17:34:50 dmc360 kernel: BT (driver) bt_chars_in_buffer: 0
>   Does anyone face the same problem? I am using Ericsson Training Kit with
> Kernel 2.4.14.
> Thanks,
> Ming
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