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[bluetooth-dev] Is there any bluetooth API's which supports serial communication???????

Hi All,
	I have one problem in Bluetooth. My requirement is to send the
data from one laptop to another laptop using VC++ code.
	The description of my attempt goes like this:
	I installed bluetooth cards on both laptops and using normal
VC++ code, i am trying to send data from one laptop to another laptop.

	In the first laptop, i have written a program which transmits
the data by opening the serial port (to which bluetooth card supports)
using normal vc++ functions, 
	but it is not transmitting.
	Similarly, in the second laptop, i have written a program which
receives the data by opening its serial port.
	I am not getting the result. Is there any different bluetooth
API's are available to accomplish such communications???

	if any one had tried this, please reply to my mail id:


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