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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Why to declare twice things ?

Hi Alain,

you are right, I wondered about the same issue.

I have got an other issue concerning the ioctls: Is it possible to define some ioctl values as
"reserved" ? I added some ioctls for my special use and I had to change them in the past when a new ioctl
was added.


Alain Paschoud wrote:

> Hello,
> There is something that is a bit special in openBT. This is that some things are defined twice. Once for user land, once for kernel land.
> Example : every ioctl value is defined in bt_if.h and bt_common.h. You will find exactly the same line to define HCISET_EVENT_FILTER in both files.
> I think that these things should be defined in a .h file situated in /usr/src/linux/include/linux/bluetooth/. These definitions should be accessed by the kernel part and the userland part.
> I there any reason to keep two definitions ? If yes, can someone explain me why ?
> Regards,


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