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Re: [bluetooth-dev] "ERROR : giving up on rtx!"

Peter Fredriksson wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a problem that I can't find any solution on so therefore I ask
> you folks on this list if you can.
> I am using the OpenBT stack (recently downloaded from the CVS). I have
> written a program that shall find devices and connect to them. This
> works pretty good but once in a while I get a "ERROR : giving up on
> rtx!" from my CSR module. I suppose this means that I have lost
> contact with the btmodule but I do not think that this problem is
> related to hardware. I have run different programs that does not do
> inquiry/connect on the same hardware and it works perfect.
> In short, my program works like this:
> while(1)
> {
>         inquiry();
>         if(found devices)
>         {
>                 find_free_line();
>                 connect_to_found_device();
>                 start_thread_that_reads_from_ttyBTX();
>         }
> }
> This program executes on a dev-board LX with a CSR module. Often it
> can connect and disconnect devices 20-60 times before "ERROR : giving
> up on rtx!" occurs.

it seems that u are running the bcsp protocol. the error occures, when a
message has been resent to many times (depends on #define BCSP_RTX_MAX
the reason why the message has been resent to often is an open question:
has the link disconnected?
i found this problem quite often (see my mail "bscp: sequence-ack dead
loop"). it has to do with ack or seq packets getting out of order (while
the link on link layer still exists). this will lock the bcsp-protocol
an cause the packets to be resent (between the UART I/O and the BTCore)
al the time....
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