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[bluetooth-dev] require help to run bluez stack

Hi All,

 I am new to bluetooth. I am using BlueZ-1.2 source code. My kernel
version is 2.4.7-10 (RH 7.2). I dont have any real bluetooth hardware
stuffs. So I am using the hci emulator (hci_vhci). Is it possible to
develop bluetooth applications and test them between  two different
machines using hci emulator if i dont have bluetooth hardware ?

I have compiled the kernel without native bluetooth support. Then I have
been able to load different modules (hci.o, hci_vhci.o, l2cap.o).

following is the structure of my hcid.conf file
options {
        # Automaticaly initialize new devices
        autoinit yes;

# Default settings for HCI devices
default {
        # Local device name
        #   %d - device id
        #   %h - host name
        name "BlueZ (%d)";

        # Local device class
        class 0x100;

        # Default packet type

# HCI devices with UART interface
uart {
#       /dev/ttyS0 115200 flow ericsson;
#       /dev/ttyS1 115200 flow digi;
        /dev/ttyS2 9600 flow vhci;

After loading all the modules (hci, hci_vhci, l2cap), I have run hciemud:

$  hciemud localhost:10

Then I did  hcid

  At this point hciconfig is showing the following:
$ hciconfig
  hci0:   Type: VHCI
          BD Address: 7F:00:00:01:00:0A ACL MTU: 1000:20  SCO: MTU 0:0
          RX bytes:0 acl:0 sco:0 events:18 errors:0
          TX bytes:349 acl:0 sco:0 commands:18 errors:0

 At this point, I am trying to run l2ping.  but I am getting following

$l2ping 7F:00:00:01:00:0A
 Can't connect.: No route to host

 When I am trying

    l2ping localhost:10

     it does not show anything. When I terminate it by pressing <Ctrl-c>

     it shows:
 $ l2ping localhost:10
   0 sent, 0 received, 0% loss

  Why it is happening ? I have got totally lost here. What should I do  to
bring the l2cap up ?  Please help me .

    Gopal Saha

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