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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Power saving

Hi Carl,

Thanks for your info.
I also got this picture from the CSR support too. It seems in both cases (using CSR proprietary BCSP or develop my own propietary H4) give up interchangeability of modules, while BCSP basically make me tied to CSR...
I wonder why spec (H4) doesn't cover this problem, or will there be an H5 coming?


>>> Carl Orsborn <cjo@xxxxxxx.com> 01/28/02 09:35PM >>>

I don't know what hardware you're currently trying to use.

CSR support power saving using BCSP (proprietary alternative
to H3/H4) and (sort of) with USB.  It's just about impossible
with H4 without extra signalling (e.g., PIO lines) and it
requires a significant chunk of functionality on the BT module and its
host, i.e., this would break any chance of H4 supporting

We get asked about "power saving modes with H4" about
once a week.  These are usually accompanied with really
cunning plans to use modem flow control signals to perform
the sleep/wake signalling (i.e., violating H4 spec), and they
always have race hazards.


Alex AU [PDD] wrote:

>Does any body implement power saving on his bluetooth platform?
>I encountered a problem: I got a power saving mode in which the host is in sleep mode with the BT module is on. It's expected that the module will wake up the host when there's incomming BT call. However, I found there's no proper scheme for the H4 interface to handle HCI re-sync after system wake up. Any idea?
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