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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Bridge between Bluetooth and 802.11

Hi Edd,

Thanks for the reply. I have a few more questions that 
you (and others) might be able to answer. As I 
mentioned in my last mail, I wish to have a computer 
(call it LAP for LAN access point) with 2 network 
interfaces - a Bluetooth and the other ethernet or 
802.11. Now, I want bluetooth devices to talk to access 
the internet using the LAP. As mentioned in your reply, 
it can be done in linux. 

Now, Can MULTIPLE devices access the internet at the 
same time? What kind of bluetooth hardware (dongles or 
PCMCIA cards and which ones) should I have? Moreover,
which of the available open source stacks suits the 

Thanks in advance,

uoting Edd Dumbill <edd@xxxxxxx.com>:

> On Fri, 2002-01-18 at 07:50, Baldeep Anand wrote:
> > I wish to use my machine as a Lan Access point for 
bluetooth devices.
> Doe> s anyone know of a bridge between a bluetooth 
device and a 802.11 or
> ethern> et? 
> Yes, it's called Linux :-)  Use your machine to 
provide PPP access to
> your bluetooth device and set up the routing so other 
machines know
> where to find your bluetooth subnet.
> http://www.thelinuxreview.com/howto/networking/ 
should help you. 
> -- Edd

Baldeep Anand
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Gainesville, FL 32608.
Phone- 352 692 1419.
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