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[bluetooth-dev] Line collision between SDP and RF_COMM

OpenBT(I am currently using OpenBT-20010816) uses 'line' for sdp 
connection object and rf_comm connection object, this may cause 
trouble for application.For example:
1. If device A opened connection to device B, A would get line0 for
   the connection. Then if B opened a rf_comm connection to A, the 
   stack in A would assign line0 to the rf_comm connection unawaring
   that the line had already assigned to sdp connection. The application
   in A would have no way to use ioctl command 'BTISLOWERCONNECTED' to 
   detect the rf_comm connection and can't open /dev/ttyBT0.
2. There is possibility (I guess OpenBT doesn't want this happens)
   that the A can have more than one 'line'  connecting to B(eg. one 
   for rf_comm, one for sdp). This will cause problem too if you use
These are just my experience, someone may correct me if I am wrong.



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