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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Line collision between SDP and RF_COMM

Jon Ndreu wrote:

> Certainly we should allow for these scenarios, if possible. What Ran 
> describes seems more a problem of OpenBT implementation (maintaining 
> resource allocation tables across different modules, such as SDP and 
> RFCOMM) rather than conceptual. The scenario when a device starts with 
> an SDP connection for query, and another request for connection comes in 
> from another device pursuing a previous session is quite possible in 
> environments beyond simple cable replacement scenarios - nothing should 
> stop this RFCOMM connection to be set up concurrently with SDP (if there 
> are Bluetooth "lines" available)
> Or is OpenBT just for managing p2p-over-RFCOMM/PPP/IP connections?

No, OpenBT is capable of p2mp connections. But it behaves different when using
more than one rfcomm connection between the same two devices:

	        <--------RFCOMM connection 1 ----------->
	Device A                                         Device B
	        <--------RFCOMM connection 2 ----------->

This is a p2p connection from the Bluetooth point of view, isn't it ?
It seems that no second line is used. Did anybody make a different experience ?



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