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[bluetooth-dev] Trouble when compiling OpenBT with PAN profile

I downloaded the latest version of the OpenBT stack with PAN profile 
support, but I am having trouble compiling it. It makes various .o files 
but does not link them to bt.o .

Here is what I did:
- downloaded the stack from CVS
- copied the linux/ subtree to /usr/src/linux, where kernel 2.4.17 sources 
- added the line 
  source drivers/char/bluetooth/Config.in
  to drivers/char/Config.in, so Bluetooth shows in make xconfig
- added the line
  subdir-$(CONFIG_BLUETOOTH) += bluetooth
  to drivers/char/Makefile, so Bluetooth modules would be compiled
- in make xconfig, answered "M" to "Bluetooth driver", "CSR" to "Bluetooth 
hardware type", "Y" to "Enable PAN profile" and "N" to everything else

"make modules" creates the .o files, but does not link them to bt.o . 
Besides, bnep.o and bnep_proc_status.o are not compiled.

Am I doing something wrong? I think that the stack was not thought to be 
included in the main Linux kernel, but to be compiled stand-alone.

Fabrizio Gennari
Philips Research Monza
via G.Casati 23, 20052 Monza (MI), Italy
tel. +39 039 2037816, fax +39 039 2037800
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