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[bluetooth-dev] No signal on serial line if no module on other side ?


I've a very original problem. I am trying the CSR module, but for a reason I don't understand, no signal arrives on the bluetooth module. So I decided to see with the oscilloscope if I got a signal on Tx line of the PC. Here is the problem :

1) If an Ericsson ROK module is wired to the PC, I can see the first command sent by the PC on my oscilloscope (and the reponse too).
2) I unwire the ROK module, put the oscilloscope on the Tx pin of the cable wired to the PC, and I make the same operation as number 1).
3) If I wire my new hardware with a CSR module, the result is the same.

Result : I've no signal on the Tx line of the PC... so of course no response from the CSR module.

I really don't understand what happen. If I use a simple terminal (as kermit), I recieve the data on the other side, but If I use openBT, no data are sent if there is no module at the other side.

I know this seems a bit strange. But these are my observations. If someone have an explanation, I'll be very interested.


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