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RE: [bluetooth-dev] Line collision between SDP and RF_COMM

> Hi, Matthias:
> > > Hi, Matthias:
> > >   Do you mean, device A can setup two rf_comm connections 
> with B using 
> > >   different 'line'?
> > 
> > You can do that. OpenBT does not complain about that. But 
> the second RFCOMM channel does not work !

There should be no problem with that. The current code will however
set up two different multiplexers (and 2 l2cap sessions as well).
OpenBT should really use the same multiplexer for the two lines
(that's what the multiplexer should be used for). 

> > 
> > > 
> > > I am not sure what happens if SDP is also connected at 
> the same time.
> > 

SDP shouldn't use a line at all as we are running the SDP-server -> OpenBT
communication through a procfile (in kernelmode). I guess the line was
intended to be used for a SDP-client but personally I think a socket
is more suitable for this.

Best Regards
Anders Johansson
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