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RE: [bluetooth-dev] Trouble when compiling OpenBT with PAN profil e

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> From: fabrizio.gennari@xxxxxxx.com 
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> Sent: 04 February 2002 11:36
> To: Peter Kjellerstedt; bluetooth-dev@xxxxxxx.com
> Subject: RE: [bluetooth-dev] Trouble when compiling OpenBT with PAN
> profile
> Thanks Peter. With the addition you suggested, the stack 
> works fine if built as part of the kernel. I also did some
> modifications to the Makefile so the stack can be compiled
> as a module when in the kernel tree.

Good. I have commited your changes.

> However, the BNEP profile still does not compile as a module 
> (but it is fine as a part of the kernel), neither in or outside
> the kernel tree. I modified it so it does, and if you are
> interested I can send it to you.

Please do (you can send it to the list).

> Fabrizio Gennari
> Philips Research Monza
> via G.Casati 23, 20052 Monza (MI), Italy
> tel. +39 039 2037816, fax +39 039 2037800

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