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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Line collision between SDP and RF_COMM

Anders Torbjörn Johansson wrote:

> But if you use another stack
> which are using the same l2cap and rfcomm session to connect
> another DLCI (which is the correct behaviour) we probably have 
> a potential problem as we already
> set the first line for the first DLCI and calling bt_register_rfcomm
> in bluetooth.c will result in a line busy (as the line is set in the
> multiplexer object and not in the DLCI).
> I'll see if I have some spare time to merge the new code later 
> this week. By the way I saw in the specs that we can only
> have up to 60 open emulated ports (62, 63 reserved) :).

Hello Anders,

that's exactly the problem I have. I described it some months ago :-)
It would be very helpful if you can find some time to commit your enhancements.

> True :) and there is no hardware that supports more than 7 slaves either ;).
> I saw that we don't send a proper reply when we running out of lines either.
> Just a comment: fixme :).

Right, but I have never been in this situation :-)

An other thing:
I proposed to introduce a new IOCTL that can be used to get the RFCOMM dlci or server channel from the line.
This is useful when writing a multi-service btdm: A client connects to this server to a special server channel and
it expects a service. The server (btd) has to start a special application that is responsible for this service.
It passes the ttyBTx device name to this application.

Well, this leads to a kind of inetd that handles RFCOMM server channels instead of TCP/UDP ports :-)

I never got a comment on this idea. But it could help many people. They do not have to build thier own special
btdm, but build a custom application that expects a ttyBTx argument.

... OK ... I have to slow me down ... :-) Only ideas ...



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