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[bluetooth-dev] Using openBT


I am new to openBT and linux and am having lot of difficulty getting used to 
it due to lack of clear documentation. I would greatly appreciate if anyone 
could help me get started. I have some specific questions:-

1) How do you install openBT with no hardware? (specifically which line in 
btconfig.h should be #define e.g. should it be CONFIG_BLUETOOTH_GENERIC or 
something else).

2) After successful installation in step (1), what steps should be taken to 
test a client and server running on the same machine to be able to talk to 
each other? 

3) Finally, if I wish to make changes to the existing stack, should i use the 
same procedure as in (1) to recompile the stack and test the changes?

I would greatly appreciate any help in this matter. I promise to put up a 
good FAQ on my homepage, for a beginer like me after getting your responses.

Thanks in advance,
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