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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Using UART with CSR module

Carl Orsborn wrote:
> Alain,
> In an earlier post you stated that you'd managed to get BCSP
> to work.  You now say you've diabled the host's use of BCSP.
> You don't indicate that you've reconfigured the Mitsumi module
> to use H4.  Are you sure the host transport is working?
> Assuming this is ok, you note that the host stack initialises
> the module with a "Write_Scan_Enable 3" command.  Have you
> checked the command was accepted?  The corresponding
> Command_Complete event should indicate success.
> If this was successful then that's all you should need to do
> to cause the module to perform periodic (page-scan and)
> inquiry-scan.  Thus you should be able to find it using inquiry
> from another device.
> There has been traffic on bluetooth-dev in the past few days that
> suggest one (?) of the OpenBT stack's initialisation HCI commands
> is being rejected by the CSR firmware.  (Discussion of Hardware_Error
> code 0x1c - see posting by Andreas Petralia.)  Thus it's possible the
> CSR device isn't entering inquiry-scan.

the error 0x1c in openbt does not affect anything that has to do with
page-scan or inq-scan.
i have this error 0x1c but just ignore it, which does not seem to cause
any harm.
i can inq, page, connect ....

> If this isn't the problem, you may need to consider other
> basic questions:
>     - has the device ever been seen to work?
>     - does the device work when connected to a BillBox (e.g., using
>         CSR's BlueChat or btcli.)
>     - has the device got an aerial?
>     - is there a humming microwave oven with an open door nearby?
>     - have you another Mitsumi module to try in its place?
> (I was somewhat concerned by the wording in one of your earlier
> posts, "I have my own hardware on which the CSR module
> is welded."  I hope you meant to say "soldered.")
> Regards,
> Carl
> Alain Paschoud wrote:
> >On Tue, 05 Feb 2002 14:42:58 +0000
> >Carl Orsborn <cjo@xxxxxxx.com> wrote:
> >
> >>Alain,
> >>
> >>You say you have been able to initialise the module,
> >>so I presume BCSP is working ok.
> >>
> >>Your device will not be discoverable (via inquiry or
> >>page) until you enable inquiry-scan and page-scan.
> >>This is normally done via the HCI command
> >>Write_Scan_Enable.
> >>
> >
> >Yes, OK. But the stack always send this HCI command during initialisation. I've in the logs :
> >
> >Setting write scan enable: [0x3]
> >HCI: hci_write_scan_enable: enable 3
> >
> >So I think the CSR module should be discoverable after initialisation.
> >
> >I now managed to communicate with the CSR module without BCSP (I desactivated "Support BCSP", and don't define INCLUDE_BCSP_SUPPORT). But the problem is the same : the module can't be found by others, and it can find the other modules.
> >
> >So I think BCSP protocol is not responsible for that. But is there any PS Key that can change the discoverable/undiscoverable behavior ?
> >
> >>Alain Paschoud wrote:
> >>
> >>>Hello,
> >>>
> >>>I tried to use the full BCSP protocol (I activated "Support BCSP" and "Use BCSP") in kernel mode with module from Murata. I'm able to initialize the module, but it is not discoverable, and can't discover other modules (for unknown reason).
> >>>
> >>>What is configuration to use module in UART mode ?
> >>> Do I need to active "Support BCSP", or don't I need ?
> >>> Do I need to set the variable INCLUDE_BCSP_SUPPORT=1 when I make bt.o ?
> >>> Do I need to set something particular in userland (when compiling soft in experimental directory) ?
> >>>
> >>>Is there someone which use Murata module ? without problems ?
> >>>
> >>>Thank you for any help
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