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[bluetooth-dev] Neponset Ethernet causes OpenBT to lose characters

I'm mailing this to both arm linux and bluetooth-dev lists in the hope that someone can shed some light on the following issue.

First, our HW configuration is an Assabet/Neponset combo.
We have a Casira connected to the first serial port, ttySA0,
on the Neponset. We have another device connected to the second
serial port, ttySA2.

We are attempting to use the onboard Ethernet to provide terminals
via SSH. For various reasons we cant use the PCMCIA Ethernet (we
need these free for something else)

We wanted to turn console off completely. We tried this with an
earlier HW configuration where we were using the PCMCIA ethernet,
and did not have any problems. However, if we attempt to disable
serial console and enable onboard ethernet in the .config, we get build
errors (why should there be any dependency between these?).
For the time being we have a workaround for this issue, but I feel
it may be related to the next (more serious) problem with the
OpenBT stack.

Basically, when using the onboard Ethernet (built in to kernel,
rather than as module <latter did not work>), the OpenBT kernel
stack seems to be missing characters read from ttySA0.

Could this be interrupt related? Or could it be related to
the strange serial console/Ethernet build issue???

Any help greatly appreciated.


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