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[bluetooth-dev] Re: Neponset Ethernet causes OpenBT to lose characters

"tlindquist@xxxxxxx.au" wrote:
> I'm mailing this to both arm linux and bluetooth-dev lists in the hope that someone can shed some light on the following issue.
> First, our HW configuration is an Assabet/Neponset combo.
> We have a Casira connected to the first serial port, ttySA0,
> on the Neponset. We have another device connected to the second
> serial port, ttySA2.
> We are attempting to use the onboard Ethernet to provide terminals
> via SSH. For various reasons we cant use the PCMCIA Ethernet (we
> need these free for something else)
> We wanted to turn console off completely. We tried this with an
> earlier HW configuration where we were using the PCMCIA ethernet,
> and did not have any problems. However, if we attempt to disable
> serial console and enable onboard ethernet in the .config, we get build
> errors (why should there be any dependency between these?).

Sorry, don't know?

> For the time being we have a workaround for this issue, but I feel
> it may be related to the next (more serious) problem with the
> OpenBT stack.
> Basically, when using the onboard Ethernet (built in to kernel,
> rather than as module <latter did not work>), the OpenBT kernel
> stack seems to be missing characters read from ttySA0.

Hmm, maybe it's the 100k Ohm resistor issue:


> Could this be interrupt related? Or could it be related to
> the strange serial console/Ethernet build issue???
> Any help greatly appreciated.
> Tim
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