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[bluetooth-dev] Unable to find Ericsson phone from CSR chip


I use a bluetooth chip from CSR. This chip is mounted on a hardware made by Murata.
I've no solve the RF problem by providing a more stable power. But I've a strange result :

Situation :

I have a CSR chip linked to the PC with openBT 0.0.8 stack.
In the neighbourhood there is an Ericsson bluetooth phone (T39m), and an ROK 008 connected to another PC (with openBT 0.0.8 too).
Of course the phone is in discoverable mode.

Test 1 :

I make an inquiry from the ROK, I've a response from the phone and from the CSR module.

Test 2 :

I make an inquiry from CSR module, I've a response from the ROK, but never from the phone...
I made this test 10 times, the result is always the same.

Does someone know where is the problem ? Is there any incompatibility ? Is there something (like PS keys) to change in the CSR module ?

Thank you for any information.

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