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[bluetooth-dev] Re: [Bluez-users] TCP/IP connection over a bluetooth link...!!!

There are many ways you could do this.
1. either use The LAPPRofile or  Dialup Networking profile which uses PPP
over which TCP/IP sits
2. Use PANProfile which uses BNEP(Bluetooth network encapsulation protocol)
over which a direct TCP/IP connection can exist.

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Hello Everyone,

      Here is quite typical query related to bluetooth.
I want to open TCP/IP connection over a bluetooth link.
The reason is one side i have bluetooth mobile and on the other side i
have a server, which can be contacted using GSM.
Now the question is how to integrate bluetooth with GSM????????
One possible solution is to open TCP/IP connection , but is it possible
to open TCP/IP  connection over a bluetooth link....???

Think.......and let me know..

my email id is: zubair_maniyar@xxxxxxx.com


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