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[bluetooth-dev] Is it a proper way to build a bluetooth access point ?

Hello Everybody,

We were planning to simulate the Bluetooth Access point using OpenBT 
stack version 20011021, and EBDK, and had a few questions....

1. Can the Bluetooth node have two interfaces one to the wireless 
Bluetooth piconet and the second to the wired network

My setup is like this :

1)Remote PC
   | (via ppp connection)
2)Linux Box
   | (via 100BaseT LAN)
   | 147.8.*
3)DHCP server in campus

2. I have initially configured a proxy server on the Linux Box. It is 
successful to browse the internet on the Remote PC side. However, is it 
a proper way to build a bluetooth internet access point ? Or there is 
another way to do so ? 

We are students who are working on a final year project abt bluetooth 
access point. Any helps are appreciated..... Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,
Leanne Chan
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